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We are happy to invite you to the one and only ice and snow race in the FIA world series  - baja RUSSIA Northern Forest!

In 2019, baja RUSSIA Northern Forest will be taking place in the Republic of Karelia from 14th till 17th of February. THis year the participants from 16 different countries will be competing along more than 500 km of 3d snow tracks.

Races on snow and ice surfaces are of special interest to off-road motorsport professionals as such tracks are perfect testing site for racing car cross-country characteristics.

Being established in 2003, snow and ice Baja has been exciting true interest among motorsport professionals and amateurs not only in Russia, but also abroad. This competition organization and running always receives the high rating from both FIA international observers and participants.

The ceremonial start and the prologue will take place on 15th February at Helyulya airfield (near Sortavala town) and in Ruskeala mountain park,  located close to the Finnish border. More than 200-km long special stages route runs through the protected forests in Sortavala and Suojarvi Karelian districts. The track configuration does not differ much from the one used for the baja back in 2018/

This season Baja “Russia – Nothern Forest” is holding the status of the 1st round of FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas and the 1st round of Russian National Cross-COuntry Championship.



World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas is a renwed multiple round event series held in different countries from United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, and Jordan in the south to Russia with the world's only snow and ice Baja in the North. In 2019, the World Cup for Bajas will consist of 8 rounds, each of them being compulsory for those racing to win the newly established WorldCup!


You can find the official programme of the baja RUSSIA Northern Forest 2019 in the Supplementary Regulations and download it  here: Programme 2019 (*.pdf)


Please Contact Sergey Lebedev for additional information 

Event director

+7 921 309 08 32





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